In more than 40 years of my life as a musician, I was fortunate enough to encounter many excellent musicians. Luckily, I could have a lot of experience of playing in various performance styles from straight ahead jazz to free-style improvisation.

My long-term dream is to release a ballad album. In creation of the album it was my great pleasure that I could perform with the most supreme musicians and I could go back to the basics of performance to play melodies like singing on saxophone.

I would like to dedicate this album to John Coltrane and Elvin Jones. It is John Coltrane who made me resolve to live as a saxophonist and is still alive in my mind even though 50 years passed after his death. Elvin Jones showed me the way to live my life as a musician. I want to extend my sincere thanks to both.


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Equipment Used

Camera: Blackmagic URSA mini 4.6K EF
Stabilizer: Letus Helix
Lenses: ZEISS Milvus 2.8/18, 1.4/35, 2/35, 2/50M, 1.4/85
Lights: Fiilex P360EX
Editing & Coloring: Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve STUDIO, DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel


The Monthly Film Festival: OFFICIAL SELECTION September 2018

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival: OFFICIAL SELECTION October 2018

Direct Short Online Film Festival: OFFICIAL SELECTION October 2018

DesignAwards.Asia: DOTD – October 12, 2018


Director, Cinematographer, Gaffer, Colorist, Editor: Kazuhito Takazawa (タカザワカズヒト写真映像事務所)
Script writer: Kazuhito Takazawa
Production Assist, Location Coodinator: Osamu Sueyoshi
Special Thanks: Akira Ishii, Gene Jackson, Takashi Sugawa, Turi Saito, Kanmachi63, Sometime, Shifuku

Nao Takeuchi / BALLADS