KUROKAWA Co-Creation Story

KUROKAWA WONDERLANDとは、阿蘇の山複に位置する南小国町、そして黒川温泉の人々と、東京都内で活躍する様々なジャンルのクリエイターによる主に海外へ向けた合同自主制作プロジェクトです。



‘KUROKAWA WONDERLAND’ project was collaboration, largely aimed at foreign audiences, between the residents of Kurokawa and Minami Oguni, a town that lies at the foot of Mt. Aso and a group of creators from all kinds of genres and mediums that are currently active in Tokyo.
Through using Kurokawa’s traditions and mythology as a base for a short film, which made up the project’s core, as well web design, photography and music we aimed to express the essence of Kurokawa. Furthermore the project aimed to give each artist complete control over each aspect of their field so that work they made as part of the project could also function as part of their personal portfolio. This film is a documentary, which is the record of production with the creator’s passion and future. We strongly wish that the creator’s passion will spread all over the world.


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Equipment Used

Camera: Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT
Lenses: metabones Nikon G to BMCC Speed Booster, SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art, Nikon Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8S
Editing & Coloring: Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve



Documentaly film director, Cinematographer, Editor: Kazuhito Takazawa (タカザワカズヒト写真映像事務所)

Composer: [.que] / Nao Kakimoto

Producer, Script writer: Yasuhiro Tamura (EXIT FILM inc.)

Translation: Haruka Hoshi